Chicago Mercantile ExchangeCNHD Enterprises, owned by Michael Cohen, is a brokerage group that specializes in the area of Eurodollar options at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Mr. Cohen has been at the Mercantile Exchange since 1989. The group started three years ago with two employees and now has grown to twelve employees. Cohen makes sure that his customers are given the best possible service when executing option orders. This includes competent and experienced clerks that understand options and are aware of market surroundings which could change the price of an option in a split second.

Cohen is offering this web site to allow anyone interested in what's going on in the Eurodollar options to have easy access to the information live every day from the pit itself. The site will offer up to the minute information on the trades that come through the pit as well as offering an archived area which will allow people to search for trades that traded in a particular month or even on a particular day in the past.

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